Country houses

Country houses

TAF-87 country houses are small buildings of the SB, which are usually used as resting places or places for rest and recuperation in the summer, a tradition of country life. Houses can have varying degrees of comfort and amenities, from simple structures without water and sewerage to full-fledged houses with all amenities.

The price for country houses from the manufacturer TAF-87:

Size, mReviewPrice, UAH (50 mm mineral wool)Price, UAH (100 mm mineral wool)
15,0х2,4х2,84 6from 86 000from 103 000
3 7from 95 000from 114 000
3 5from 87 500from 105 000
46,0х2,6х2,311 4from 105 000from 126 000
56,0х2,4х2,81 5from 106 000from 127 000
66,0х3,5х2,816 2from 120 000from 144 000
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It takes an average of 20 days to make a garden house. We will make sure that you do not have to wait long – make a decision, and your garden house will stand on your plot with a foundation.

More than 12 years of experience in the manufacture of similar structures. To fulfill the order, there are labor resources, production areas, necessary transport, scaffolding, machines and equipment (sheet bending machine, guillotine, cutting and cutting machines).

During the construction of country houses, only high-quality and modern materials are used, which have passed certification on the territory of Ukraine. All work is carried out by experienced specialists, using professional tools, which ultimately allows us to achieve high quality work and be confident in the durability and reliability of our country houses.

The price is indicated, typical country houses are indicated in the table:

  • The frame is made of profile pipe 100x50x3 mm and 50x50x2 mm + beam 100×50 mm
  • Outside, it is sheathed with a decorative profile sheet 0.4 mm thick
  • It is insulated from all sides with basalt wool 50 mm or 100 mm thick
  • 10 mm OSB sheathed from the inside.
  • SB has 1 window, 1 door, an air conditioner with a remote unit (option), electrical wiring, an external electrical connection unit, grounding, removable hooks for the faucet, adjustable legs.

A water tank, sink, linoleum, delivery, foundation are additionally ordered and paid for.

For the manufacture of garden houses, we use only high-quality raw materials. As a pleasant addition to the house, a small gazebo or swing can be set aside on the summer cottage. We also offer a variety of economic modules, a shed, a modular toilet or a greenhouse.

The exterior cladding of the house is corrosion-resistant, the structure itself is manufactured using modern technologies — the seams are tightly sealed, the elements are securely fastened, assembly takes a minimum of time. Today, such a product as a country house in Kharkiv, as well as other cities, allows you to buy without problems. You can buy such a device during the construction of a summer house or for permanent use in a suburban area.

From the inside, the house is sheathed with OSB, plastic or MDF. For insulation, basalt wool is most often ordered.

Here are some characteristics of country houses:

  1. Size: Cottages can be small enough to simply provide shelter from the rain and sun, or they can be larger, with several rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and other amenities.
  2. Materials: Cottages can be built from different materials, such as wood, metal or plastic, depending on the budget and personal preferences of the owners.
  3. Location: They can be located in villages, garden societies or on the outskirts of cities, where you can take a break from city noise and smog. Delivery and installation of the house by TAF-87 specialists.
  4. Amenities: Some cottages may have all the necessary amenities such as electricity, water, heating, air conditioning and more, while others may be more basic. At the request of the customer, specialists in various fields from TAF-87 will help equip your SB.
  5. Functionality: Some cottages are used as vacation spots only in the summer, while others can be used for occasional or even permanent residence by the whole family.

Country houses from TAF-87 can serve as important places of rest and recovery for people, especially in places where it is part of the culture and traditions of life.

Warranty for MAF 12 months