Specialized modules

Specialized modules

Specialized TAF-87 modules are structures that have a specific purpose or function within a larger system or process. These modules can be developed for use in relevant fields such as industry, medicine, etc. They usually have special features or capabilities that distinguish them from general or universal solutions.

Prices for specialized modules of TAF-87 production:

NameSize LxWxH, mPrice
1Specialized module7,0х2,4х2,2 from 85 000 UAH
2Block box, shelter, canopieswhateverfrom 2 500 UAH/sq.m
3ІIndividual ordercontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

Therefore, specialized modules may include:

  1. Technology Modules: Designed to address specific tasks or areas such as production management, medical systems, security systems, etc.
  2. Industrial modules: Special components or systems that are designed for use in specific industrial processes or production, such as automated assembly lines, material handling equipment, control systems, etc.
  3. Medical modules: MM is designed to diagnose, treat or monitor medical conditions, with a patient monitoring system, etc.

Specialized modules from TAF-87 play an important role in various fields of activity, allowing to optimize processes, increase productivity and ensure high quality in the respective industries.

The term of production is up to 15 working days.

Delivery in the city of Kharkiv by transport with manipulator from 800 UAH/hour.

Warranty for MAF 12 months.