Exterior decoration

Exterior decoration

Prices for the exterior decoration of the MAF from TAF-87:

2Profile sheet 0.4-0.5 mmcontractual
3Exterior decorationcontractual
4Painting at the customer’s placecontractual
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The external decoration of the MAF from TAF-87 can significantly affect its attractiveness and effectiveness. Here are some types of exterior finishes that you might consider for an MAF:

Priming and painting of MAFs are important processes to protect metal surfaces from corrosion, as well as to improve their appearance.

Properly performed priming and painting of metal structures will help extend their service life, protect against corrosion and maintain an attractive appearance. The manufacturer of TAF-87 gives a guarantee for its products, taking into account the primer and painting.

Facades: With the help of interesting materials, such as metal, glass, wood or composite materials, it is possible to create aesthetically attractive facades for MAF. A variety of colors and textures will make your MAF stand out from the rest.

MAF insulation:

Insulation of MAF (small architectural formats) can be an important step to ensure the comfortable and efficient functioning of these objects, especially in cold or cool climates. Here are some possible options for MAF insulation:

  1. Thermal insulation of walls and roof: Installation of thermal insulation materials on the walls and roof of the MAF can significantly reduce heat loss and increase its energy efficiency. Thermal insulation materials can include foam plastic, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, as well as other modern materials.
  2. Floor insulation: If the MAF is located at ground level, it is also important to insulate the floor to prevent heat loss through the floor. Insulation can be done with the help of special heaters or a layer of insulating materials under the floor.
  3. Windows and doors: Installing energy-efficient windows and doors can also help keep heat inside the MAF and reduce energy consumption. Windows and doors with double glass and insulated frames are an effective option.
  4. Heating system: The insulation can be supplemented with an efficient heating system, which will ensure a comfortable temperature inside the MAF in cold periods. This can be a central heating system, electric heaters or other alternatives.
  5. Ventilation: When installing insulation, it is also important to ensure proper ventilation to avoid increased humidity and condensation inside the MAF.
  6. Lighting: Effective use of lighting can make your MAF attractive in the evening. Strategically placed LEDs, spot lighting or even facade lighting can add atmosphere and attract buyers.
  7. Art installations: The use of art on the exterior surfaces of an MAF can make it a distinctive place in a city or neighborhood. Graffiti, murals, sculptures or other artistic elements can become prominent attributes of your MAF.

The choice of MAF exterior decoration depends on the budget, brand, target audience and local requirements and regulations. It is important to understand that the exterior decoration should reflect the ideas and values ​​of your business, attract attention and create a comfortable environment for customers.