Houses on wheels

Houses on wheels

TAF-87 mobile home – also known as motor home or kung, is a mobile living device that can be transported by means of a vehicle. These tiny houses are usually equipped for a comfortable stay even when they are traveling.

The price of houses on wheels manufactured by TAF-87:

NameSize, LxW, meterPhoto reviewPrice, UAH
1Wagon for workers5,0х2,38from150 000
2Country house6.0х2.36from 200 000
3Residential building7.0х2,35from 250 000
4Medical module6,0х2,34from 250 000
5Bath and washing module6,0х2,31from 250 000
6Specialized module5,0х2,38from 200 000
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

Here are some characteristics of mobile homes:

  1. Mobility: One of the main advantages of mobile homes is their mobility. They can be transported by car or other means of transport to the destination, where they can be installed on a permanent or temporary site.
  2. Comfortable living: Motorhomes are usually equipped for comfortable living, including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and sitting area. Some models may even have air conditioning, heating and other amenities.
  3. Small size: Motorhomes are usually compact in size, making them ideal for traveling or living in a limited space. They can range in size from a small caravan to a larger motorhome.
  4. Self-sufficiency: Some mobile homes are equipped with systems for independent living, such as solar panels to generate electricity, water purification systems, and special tanks for storing fresh water and waste.
  5. Travel and Camping: Motorhomes are often used for travel, camping or outdoor living. They allow you to travel and live comfortably in a housing unit that is always nearby.