Prices for TAF-87 services

1Construction workscontractual
2Dismantling workscontractual
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Providing TAF-87 metal construction installation services is an important direction in the construction industry. This service includes professional installation of various metal structures such as garages, sheds, warehouses, hangars, pavilions, beams, racks and many others.

Here are some stages and services that can be included in the installation of metal structures:

Planning and consultations: TAF-87 specialists conduct a preliminary survey of the installation site, advise customers on choosing the optimal type of structure and its parameters.

Construction site preparation: Includes foundation preparation, site marking, installation of supports and other work in preparation for installation.

Installation of metal structures: TAF-87 specialists install and assemble metal elements in accordance with the project, ensuring high-quality and safe performance of work.

Quality control and additional work: After the installation is completed, the quality of work is checked, the necessary parts are adjusted and additional work is performed, such as insulation, sheathing, etc.

Final tests and delivery of the object: After completion of all works, final tests and inspections are carried out, after which the object is considered handed over to the customer.