Arrangement of foundations

Arrangement of foundations

The price for the arrangement of foundations under the MAF from TAF-87:

1Arrangement of foundationscontractual
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Concreting the foundation for the MAF from TAF-87 is an important stage of construction, which provides a strong and stable foundation for construction. Below are the main steps of the foundation concreting process:

Preparation of the place for concreting:

  • Cleaning the area from vegetation, stones, garbage and other obstacles.
  • Determining and marking the boundaries of the foundation using a rope, posts and marking tools.

Excavation of the pit as necessary:

  • Digging a pit taking into account the dimensions and depth of the foundation in accordance with the project.
  • Removal of soil to the required depth and level.

Formwork device:

  • Installs wooden or metal forms for the formwork, which will determine the shape and dimensions of the future foundation.
  • Securing the formwork so that it remains strong and stable while the concrete is poured.

Armature arrangement:

  • Laying and fastening of reinforcing rods inside the formwork. Reinforcement helps to strengthen the concrete foundation and prevent its deformation under loads.

Preparation of concrete mixture:

  • The preparation of a concrete mix, usually from cement, sand, crushed stone and water, according to the requirements of the project and local building standards.

Pouring concrete mixture:

  • Concreting the foundation using a concrete pump or other methods of delivering concrete.
  • Uniform distribution of the concrete mixture inside the formwork using vibrating tools or other means.

Compaction and leveling:

  • Compaction of concrete in order to remove air bubbles and ensure its uniform structure.
  • Leveling of the concrete surface using special tools to achieve the required smoothness and evenness.

Drying and cleaning:

  • Leaves the concrete for a certain amount of time to dry and set.
  • Removal of the formwork after the concrete has reached sufficient strength, but has not yet completely dried.

These steps are common for concreting the foundation under the TAF-87 MAF. It is important to comply with the requirements of the project, as well as to take into account the