Price for delivery of TAF-87 products by own transport:

1Delivery in the city of Gazelle up to 2 tonsfrom 800
2Intercity delivery of Gazelle up to 2 tonsfrom UAH 15/km
3Delivery around the city by manipulator up to 5 tonsfrom 2000
4Intercity delivery by manipulator up to 5 tonsfrom UAH 30/km
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

The delivery of TAF-87 metal structures can be an important service for customers who plan to build or buy garages. Here are some key points to consider when providing such a service:

Transportation: Provide suitable vehicles for transportation of metal structures. It can be a truck or a specialized transport with a manipulator for transporting large and heavy loads.

Safety: We guarantee safety during delivery. Loading and unloading of metal structures requires special care and sometimes special equipment, which is owned by TAF-87 enterprise and qualified personnel.

Delivery time: We adhere to delivery times so that customers can plan their jobs or construction projects. Reliability and timeliness are key factors for customer satisfaction with TAF-87.

Packaging and labeling: We will prepare metal structures for delivery, providing packaging and labeling for ease of transportation and unloading.

Unloading Site Availability: Ensure that the unloading site is ready to receive the delivered structures. This may require agreement with the customer and preparation of the workplace.

Documentation: We provide the necessary documents, such as invoices, invoices, confirming the conformity of the supplied structures.

Feedback and Customer Service: We provide quality customer service by providing information on delivery status, resolving issues that arise, and accepting customer feedback to improve the delivery process.

These factors can help in creating a successful and reliable metal construction delivery service for TAF-87 customers.