Households Gazebo

Households Gazebo

Gazebo TAF-87 – for the garden or for repairs: Small crit sporuda, intended for repairs and grievances in the fresh air. They can be used for receiving guests, holding a barbecue, or simply hiding from the sun or sleeping.

Price for gazebo TAF-87:

NameSize, LxWxH, mLook aroundPrice, UAH
1Milena2,2х2,2х2,44621 000
2Milena PLUS4,4х2,2х2,44424 000
3Classic2,7х2,2х2,5713 500
4Classic PLUS4,0х3,0х3,05 215 000
5Smoking pipe3,0х2,0х2,2828 500
6Atebeshka6,7х3,4х3,011from 90 000
7individualin ordercontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050 915 05 38

Every owner of a country house sooner or later thinks about purchasing a gazebo for his garden plot.

Gazebo is the accent of any yard! The place where a family or a company of friends gathers for a soulful tea party and a fun feast. Agree, the gazebo is the center of positive emotions in your garden.

The company “TAF-87” offers you an excellent solution – a ready-made structure, the assembly of which takes only a few hours!At the same time, we can send the gazebo, disassembled into elements, to any settlement in Ukraine. “TAF-87” will perform the calculation, manufacture, delivery and installation of the gazebo with high quality and on time.

The comfortable gazebo manufactured by “TAF-87” is a metal structure with two wooden benches, a table in the middle, with side and top cladding.

  • Benches and backs are sheathed with a 40 mm thick edged board, which is milled, stained and varnished (in 2 layers). The arch is sheathed with a 20 mm thick edged board (upper sheathing) 2.0 m long, which is milled, stained and varnished (in 2 layers).
  • The frame is made of a profile pipe 40x20x2 mm
  • Standing – 40x40x2 mm.
  • Choice of frame and roof color (included in the price).
  • The shape of the roof is arched, sheathed with 0.45 mm professional flooring
  • The shape of the base is rectangular.

Our gazebo combines high-quality materials and practical design, it will conquer you with its simplicity and ease of use.

The gazebo will become a worthy place to relax in your yard. You can spend many pleasant hours in it with family and friends.

Delivery within Kharkiv – UAH 800, intercity – UAH 30/km both ways.Assembly – from UAH 1,000.

Warranty for the gazebo “Milena” – 12 months!

The main features of the summerhouse include:

  1. Construction: Usually gazebos have a wooden, metal or combined construction. They can be open on all sides or have walls with small windows or curtains to protect against wind and rain.
  2. Roof: Most gazebos have a roof to protect against direct sunlight and precipitation. The roof can be made of polycarbonate, metal sheets, wooden raincoats.
  3. Size: The size of the gazebo can be different, from compact single-seat models to larger ones that can accommodate a large number of people.
  4. Furniture: Gazebos are equipped with furniture such as tables, chairs, benches for comfortable relaxation.

When choosing a gazebo for a summer house, it is important to consider your personal needs and requirements, and the availability of installation space.

Here are several types of economic units produced by TAF-87:

Shed: Typically, this is a small structure that stores garden tools, equipment, fertilizers, seeds, and other materials. The TAF-87 shed is made of metal of various designs depending on the preferences of the site owner.

Greenhouse: This is a special structure for growing plants, which provides optimal conditions for their growth and protection from adverse weather conditions. Vegetables, flowers and other crops can be grown in greenhouses.

Toilet. A modular toilet for a country house is a convenient and compact built-in toilet that can be installed on a summer cottage or in a garden house.

Swing. A summer swing is a great option for entertainment and relaxation in the fresh air. Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a garden swing

Utility blocks on country plots play an important role in maintaining order and organization of space, helping owners to effectively manage their plots and carry out seasonal work.