Households Toilet

Households Toilet

The TAF-87 modular toilet for cottage production is a convenient and compact toilet module that can be installed on a summer cottage or at a garden house.

NameSize, LxWxH, mPrice, UAH
1Single2,1х1,0х2,0from 23 000
2Double2,5х1,2х2,0from 32 000
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Household toilet TAF-87, or also known as a mobile toilet, is a portable toilet cabin that is usually used in situations where there is no access to a stationary bathroom. They are often used on construction sites, on the streets during various events, festivals, fairs or in emergency situations.

The main features of the household toilet block include:

  1. Portability: Gospblok toilets are usually compact in size and can be easily transported from one place to another using special vehicles.
  2. Construction: They usually consist of a metal cabin with a toilet, a toilet, a lock on the door and vents to prevent unpleasant odors.
  3. Hygienic features: Some models may have built-in hand washers with water or dispensers for hand disinfection, which helps to ensure hygiene.

Household toilets can be extremely useful in situations where it is necessary to quickly provide sanitary conditions in a place where there is no permanent access to bathrooms.

Here are several types of economic units produced by TAF-87:

Shed: Typically, this is a small structure that stores garden tools, equipment, fertilizers, seeds, and other materials. The TAF-87 shed is made of metal of various designs depending on the preferences of the site owner.

Greenhouse: This is a special structure for growing plants, which provides optimal conditions for their growth and protection from adverse weather conditions. Vegetables, flowers and other crops can be grown in greenhouses.

Gazebo. Gazebo TAF-87 for the garden or a place to relax: A small covered structure designed for relaxation and dining in the fresh air. They can be used for receiving guests, holding a barbecue or simply sheltering from the sun or rain.

Swing. A summer swing is a great option for entertainment and relaxation in the fresh air. Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a garden swing

Household blocks on country plots play an important role in maintaining order and organization of space, helping owners to effectively manage their plots and carry out seasonal work.