Guard posts

Guard posts

A security post is a place where security personnel or military personnel are stationed to control and ensure security in a certain area, building, facilities or events. This can be any place where control or security needs to be increased, such as company entrances, building entrances, warehouses, banks, exhibition centers, shopping centers, concert halls, etc.

Prices for TAF-87 guard posts made of profiled sheet or composite:

NameSize, LxWxH, mCharacteristicPrice, UAH
1Guard post2,0х2,2х2,5composite77 000
2Guard post1,5х1,5х2,65profiled sheet31 000
3Guard post2,0х2,5х2,8profiled sheet42 000
4Guard post4,0х2,5х2,5turnkey142 000
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“TAF-87” LLC will perform the calculation, manufacture, delivery and installation of the guard post in accordance with the established wishes, with high quality and within the established time.

Experience of more than 12 years in the manufacture of such structures. To fulfill the order, there is a labor resource, production areas, necessary transport, tools, machines and equipment (a sheet-forming machine, a guillotine, cutting and chopping machines).

The company “TAF-87” manufactures relatively inexpensive, but at the same time durable and comfortable guard posts.

During the construction of household appliances for protection, only high-quality and modern materials that have passed certification in Ukraine are used. All work is carried out by experienced specialists, using professional tools, which ultimately allows us to achieve high quality work and be confident in the durability and reliability of our products. exterior decoration and framing from composite or profiled sheet;

  • the frame is made of a pipe 100x50x3 mm, 50x50x2 + a beam 50×50 mm;
  • the slope of the roof is single-pitched;
  • floor lining: OSB 10 mm, board 30 mm, min. wool 100 mm, density 80 kg/m3;
  • interior decoration: walls and ceiling — OSB 10 mm;
  • linoleum and plywood – household;
  • doors from the outside — metal-plastic 1 pc.;
  • metal-plastic window;
  • electricity: shield with automatic devices, sockets, lamp, grounding;
  • insulation of bases. cotton wool 50 mm, density 80 kg/m3, water vapor barrier;
  • floor lining made of galvanized sheet 0.4 mm.

On average, it takes approximately 15 working days to produce a guard post.

We deliver, make the foundation (not included in the price).

The warranty for the security post is 12 months!

Functions of the guard post may include:

  1. Access control: Security staff may check documents, visitors, cargo or other property entering or leaving the facility.
  2. Visual surveillance: Security guards can monitor CCTV cameras or use other means of surveillance to detect suspicious or dangerous situations.
  3. Emergency Prevention and Response: Guards may be trained to respond to fires, assaults, explosions, medical emergencies, and other emergencies.
  4. Vehicle Entry and Exit Control: Security guards may inspect vehicles entering or leaving the facility, and may assist with cargo and passenger operations.
  5. Logging Control: Guards may maintain access logs, record events, applications or other information related to safety and security measures.

In each specific case, the TAF-87 security post may have its own rules, procedures and requirements in accordance with the customer’s needs related to a specific object or event.