Households Shed

Households Shed

The TAF-87 production shed is a small building that stores garden tools, equipment, fertilizers, seeds and other materials.

Prices and main characteristics are given in the table:

Size LxWxH, mReviewPrice, UAH
12,0х2,0х2,011 8from 50 000
23,0х2,0х2,012 6from 60 000
34,0х3,0х2,44 10from 70 000
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050 915 05 38

The TAF-87 summer shed is a building designed for storing tools, garden equipment, gardening materials, garden tools, as well as for keeping poultry, animals or other agricultural needs. Here are some key aspects to consider when building a summer shed:

  1. Size and layout: The customer determines the space required to store your inventory and equipment, as well as the possibility for animals. Consider creating different areas in the shed for different purposes, such as a tool storage area, animal area, etc.
  2. Materials: TAF-87 uses strong and durable shed construction materials such as metal. Remember the resistance of materials to weather conditions and the need to insulate the barn in winter.
  3. Ventilation: We provide proper ventilation in the barn to avoid the accumulation of moisture and odors, as well as to ensure comfortable conditions for the animals.
  4. Security: Provide reliable protection against burglary and fire by installing strong doors, barred windows or other security measures.
  5. Insulation and lighting: We will insulate the barn to preserve heat in the cold season, as well as provide sufficient lighting for the convenience of working at night or in conditions of insufficient natural light.
  6. Organize space: Develop a plan for organizing the space in the shed, including racks, shelves, hooks and other convenient items for storing and organizing inventory.

Here are several types of economic units produced by TAF-87:

Greenhouse: This is a special structure for growing plants, which provides optimal conditions for their growth and protection from adverse weather conditions. Vegetables, flowers and other crops can be grown in greenhouses.

Gazebo. Gazebo TAF-87 for a garden or a place to relax: A small covered structure designed for relaxation and dining in the fresh air. They can be used to welcome guests, hold a barbecue or simply shelter from the sun or rain.

Toilet. A modular toilet for a country house is a convenient and compact built-in toilet that can be installed on a summer cottage or in a garden house.

Swing. A summer swing is a great option for entertainment and relaxation in the fresh air. Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a garden swing

Utility units in summer cottages play an important role in maintaining order and organization of space, helping owners efficiently