Stop points Pryamostenny

Stop points Pryamostenny

TAF-87 stopping points used in transport infrastructure. These are places that are intended for stopping buses or minibuses, for boarding and disembarking passengers.

Prices for TAF-87 stops

NameDimensions, LxWxH, mPrice, UAH
1Stop No. 1 “Pryamostenny M”2,5х1,6х2,518 500
2Stop No. 2 “Pryamostenny L”3,0х1,8х2,520 500
3Individual ordercontractual
For detailed information, contact the sales department at 050-915-05-38

TAF-87 stopping points are places where vehicles stop for boarding and disembarking passengers. These points can be located in a variety of locations, including urban and suburban areas, rural settlements, and on a highway or rail line.

At the “TAF-87” LLC enterprise, metal stop points are produced in the workshop using a sheet-bending machine, guillotine, cutting and chopping machines. There are specially prepared patterns, devices, instructions, as well as qualified personnel for the production of stop points. Welding is carried out semi-automatically, protective coatings are applied with a spray gun. This product is designed for long-term use.

Features of the stopping point:

  • Length 2.5 m, width 1.6 m, height 2.5 m (useful height 2.15 m);
  • The frame is made of a profile pipe 30x30x2 mm, covered with soil and enamel;
  • The stop point is sheathed on the outside with painted professional fleece (color to choose from);
  • The seat and back are made of a prepared beam of 100×50 mm (treated with menstruus, stained, varnished, sanded and covered with a second layer of varnish).

“TAF-87” LLC will perform the calculation, manufacture, delivery and installation of a stop point of any configuration with high quality and on time.

Delivery within Kharkiv — 500 UAH, intercity — 15 UAH/km both ways. Installation – 1500 hryvnias.

The production period of the remaining item is from 4 to 10 days.

The warranty for the stopping