Country house SAF

Country house SAF

SAF is short for “small architectural forms”. The SAF country house is a small, usually one-story, house that can be used for recreation or living in a country plot.

Here are some features of SAF summer cottages:

  1. Compactness: These are usually small houses with a minimum area that can accommodate one or more rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
  2. Ease of installation: Often SAFs can be made from lightweight materials such as metal or wood and are installed on site fairly quickly.
  3. Practicality: They can be used for recreation during the summer season or even for permanent residence within the country plot.
  4. Variability of design: SAFs can have different designs, including classic country houses, modern models with large windows or even ecological houses using natural materials.
  5. Budget-friendly: These houses are often manufactured at more affordable prices compared to standard residential houses.

Creating comfortable conditions for rest in the SAF country house can be the key to ensuring a pleasant and relaxing rest. Here are some tips that can help ensure comfort in your country house:

  1. Appropriate equipment and furniture: Equip your cottage with furniture that provides comfort and supports your back and posture. Soft sofas, chairs and beds add comfort and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Space Zoning: Designate different areas in your home for relaxing, dining, playing and other leisure activities. This will help ensure the functionality of the space and create zones for different types of recreation. If one SAF is not enough for this, several typical SAFs can be combined into one structure under a single-pitched or gabled roof. Add a veranda, made in the same way according to the metal frame structure.
  3. Natural lighting: Maximize the use of natural light in rooms, which improves mood and provides more comfortable conditions. All country houses produced by TAF-87 have metal-plastic modern windows.
  4. Ventilation: Keep the air fresh in the premises with the help of open windows or ventilation systems. This will help avoid air stagnation and improve the quality of the indoor environment. TAF-87 offers built-in split air conditioning systems.
  5. Warmth and coziness: Provide efficient heating and insulation in the home to retain warmth and create a cozy atmosphere, especially during the cold season. At the production of SAF, 50 and 100 mm thick mineral wool is used for insulation.
  6. Natural landscape: Using a natural landscape, such as a garden, terrace or patio, can create additional spaces for outdoor recreation. The choice of landscape does not depend on the TAF-87 manufacturer, but with our delivery we will place your SAF in the most picturesque places almost all over Ukraine.
  7. Comfortable kitchen and bathroom: Provide your home with a comfortable and functional kitchen and bathroom to ensure convenience and comfort in everyday life. TAF-87 offers your choice of various additional Household Blocks – Toilet, Shed, Greenhouse, Swing, or Gazebos.

Creating comfortable conditions for rest in a country house is an individual process, and it is important to take into account the personal preferences and needs of each resident.

Considering their compactness, practicality and affordability, SAFs are becoming a popular choice for those who are looking for a simple and comfortable house for vacation or living in a summer cottage.